Join us for our outdoor Healing and Eucharist Service, Wednesdays at 8 am

Join us every Wednesday at 8 am for our outdoor Healing Service and Holy Eucharist. We hold this service in our lovely courtyard with an outdoor altar built by our church members. This courtyard was a labor of love as it used to hold a building that was literally falling apart and threatening to damage the church. So we spent years raising enough money to buy the building and then tear it down. Then we laid all the bricks and tiles in the courtyard, built the altar and planted a wonderful selection of trees and flowering plants. Come see for yourself, it’s a beautiful space to worship or just rest in. All are welcome. This service is a quick one….only about 15-20 mins long…but it includes a Gospel reading, Holy Eucharist and a hands-on healing prayer by the priest. Join us!

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